Keeping an Open Dialogue to Find YOUR Montana

January 15, 2018

Montana provides unlimited opportunities for recreational activities. Pair that with beautiful scenery, friendly folks, a strong economy, and a relaxed pace of life… And it’s no wonder Big Sky Country has caught your interest!

So, you’ve decided to look at properties. How do you find YOUR Montana? One of the most important factors in your search is having an open dialogue with your agent. We want you to love and feel excited about your new purchase. I frequently work with out-of-area buyers, who know they’re looking for a particular community feel, or certain amenities, but other than that are open to location.

Montana is a big state, but by listening carefully to clients, and asking lots of qualifying questions based on my experience and local knowledge, I am usually able to quickly discern the locations and property types that fit best.

I recently worked with a couple interested in relocating to Montana from out of state. We spoke in-depth about their wish list prior to their arrival, and I was able to show them several properties. However, when they went back home, they decided to search in other areas of Montana. I was able to support their revised search by referring them to another Clearwater office, and relaying my knowledge of their needs to my colleague, so that they did not need to reinvent the real estate wheel.

The bottom line is, as you search and explore this great state, your perspective might evolve and you may change your mind about what YOUR Montana looks like. But when you work with an attentive and thoughtful agent and keep the lines of communication open, together you’ll find the property that checks all your boxes.